Bullied!2p!england X reader: the new girl

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Bullied!2p!england X reader: the new girl

Post  §åm Jðñê§ on Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:28 pm

Check out this fan fic (( work in progress! ))! ))
Today was your first day as a student at (school). You where kinda scared that there may be bullys at this school, but there was no time to think about that, you mite be late on the first day of school! You ran to your first class. As you enterd and the bell rang imetetly. " ah, just in time." Said your teacher as (he/she) looked to you. " students this is _____ ______!" (He/she) said.
You gave a small wave " hi~" you said. Your teacher sent you to your desk. Looking to the desk next to you, a boy with dark red hair and sunglasses was sleeping, his legs on the desk. " ALFREAD! " the boy awoke straight away looking to the teacher.
The teacher went off saying things like ' YOU NEED TO FOCUS MORE OFTEN! ' or

~: crazy cupcake timeskip :~

Class had just ended and you where headed to your locker, but suddenly herd something around the corner
" hey Oliver! You making those girly cupcakes agian~" a voice teesed
" for the last time there not girly! It's ok for a guy to like cupcakes!" Qnother voice said
" more like NOT. " you suddenly herd something hit a locker
" how about we show you what we do to girly boys agian, because it dosnt seem you go it in your brain last time." You her Alfreads voice say
" leave him alone!" You yell as you pop out of behind the corner
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